Mohamed Abbess

“I am responsible for the training of workers in the school building.
At the start of this project is to  study Was made in order to Identify the specifics of the area and enable the office to create Employment Opportunities for the locals. It allowed us to That found valuable source of income of the area is:  natural stone.

When we talk about this project, we are interested in the raw material Basically, the Stones
the Stones That Were oz Perceived by the local residents as a burden and now Regarded as natural wealth.

Our main goal Was a maximum use of the stone. We Could built buildings and make decorative stones. And w e used the waste of the stone into gravel That allowed us afterward to make roads. We sold colored gravel for designers and the powder left over from the stone to painting firms. 

Provided he ILO us the Necessary training for the job. THUS, the rural exodus Declined Significantly since nothing Was pushing the locals from seeking work anywhere else.
Considered as support, the ILO Provided the Necessary material and allowed us to reach markets and reach agreements with Municipalities. This Represents one of Our most cherished dreams.

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